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We help ambitious businesses to redefine what is possible 

Fittico was founded in 2012 with a mission to be an advanced engineering center, which gathers amazing talent and build great products. Over the years we have stayed on that path. 

Services we provide: full set of expertise around product development, from market discovery, product-market fit, UX, Design, development, and scaling products at the global level. 

We also build hardware products, design and verification of new chips, IoT, and whatever tech is needed to achieve desired goals and improve the lives of end customers dramatically. 

Our Core Values

Foster Education

By heavily investing in being on cutting edge of available tools, technologies, processes and best practices, we keep our competitive advantage high above other players.

Pursue Excellence

We believe that results are best show room for our passion, which is building inspiring and great digital products.

Be Transparent

Very important part of our process is complete transparency on what is going on with project, especially problems are alarmed with highest priority.

Create Fun

We work hard. We play hard.
Because without play there is no creativity, and without it, there is no inspiring products.

Our Process

Direct Communication

  • 01

    Available through slack and ready to chat.

  • 02

    If customer prefer voice/video communication, no problem, we like multimedia too.

  • 03

    We usually use kanban as our tool for project organisation. But we are also flexible to work in other scenarios, if it makes sense to customer.

  • 04

    Time flies by. We will make sure to focus on work which yields most impact on given product, always.

Weekly Check-Ins

  • 01

    Our definition of done very rigorous. Something simply won't be shipped until it is done right.

  • 02

    Previous point doesn't mean that we are sick perfectionists, nope. We do believe in hard deadlines.

  • 03

    There is always single person responsible for certain feature, it's internal owner.

  • 04

    Usually check-in cycle is 7 days long. And it can be changed based on project nature.

Ongoing Discovery

  • 01

    We usually start measuring results of work as soon as possible, preferably with real customers.

  • 02

    Based on results from those measurements, prioritization is done for next features to be included.

  • 03

    Our knowledge base on various topics of digital products is deep, because we learn a lot from every single project.

  • 04

    We believe that one of most important ongoing discovery is: who are actually your customers and how to segment them.

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