Azure Platform Engineer - Fittico

Azure Platform Engineer

We are looking for a full-time or part-time remote Azure Platform Engineer with 3+ years of experience to join our team.

In this role you will



  • Designing, developing and deploying the IaC solution
    of new Azure cloud data warehouses or lakehouses 
  • automating the deployment of DWH/DLH solution components
  • close collaboration with the cloud data architect and the rest of the team
  • Design and implement scalable data monitoring applications and tools
  • Ensure that batch production scheduling and
    report distribution is accurate and timely
  • Select and implement optimal CI/CD tools and processes 
  • Automate data processing workflows


We are looking for


  • Experience with:
    - designing, developing and maintaining scalable and
    secure Infrastructure as Code solutions in the Azure cloud
    - terraform and/or ARM-templates + bicep
    - Azure data stack technologies in this capacity
    (i.e. from a cloud/platform engineering perspective more
    so than from a data engineering perspective), for example:
    ADF, ADLS, Azure Synapse, AAS, etc.
    - continuous integration and continuous
    deployment via Azure DevOps pipelines
    - configuration and administration
    of Azure AAD, Azure RBAC
    - experience in setting up and maintaining
    DevOps/DataOps environments

    - good knowledge of scripting languages such as bash, batch, PowerShell
    - good conversational English and good communication skills
    - pro-active, collaborative mindset
    - Able to share knowledge and explain processes and procedures to others
Big plus for those certifications
  • Microsoft certified Azure Administrator Associate
  • better yet: Azure Solutions Architect Expert

What we offer

  • People – the best part of fittico
  • Freedom where and when you deliver your work
  • Tuition reimbursement, conference allowance 
  • Very competitive compensation package

About Fittico

Fittico was founded 2012 with the mission to bring technological and product development excellence to the market. We have gathered some of the strongest talent in the region for our past and current products and projects. We are product building  shop where we mostly work on our own products, the way we believe they should be done. We also collaborate with partners across Europe and North America to bring some of those products to markets. We value integrity and simplicity above all.

Join us

If you believe there is space for personal and professional growth and you crave to be challenged with technology products, while having all the freedom on how to deliver those, consider joining us.