Built modern cloud native PaaS tailored to one of the biggest Germany energy providers in order to speed up expansion


Built modern zero-trust product authentication product backed up with blockchain


Built new modern multi currency custodial system with novel affiliate features


Designed and built from the ground new scalable ecommerce platform in partnership with SLEO team


Consulting and leadership for key areas of digital transformation, including modern cloud and devops adoption. 


DevOps and digital transformation support, leadership regarding modern approaches


Built MVP for new version of WMC 5G mobile network, powered by scalable blockchain solutions


Built new concept, together with UX for modern regulation management SaaS system in partnership with German investors


Cofounded than built POC and MVP for novel concept for remote reality car racing, with NFT support 


Built mobile, web and smart tv versions of the digital experiences application for visitors of Canadian History Museum


Built new version of leading dental practice enterprise management system, with new analytics engine. 

Chatter Research

Built online & SMS conversations that makes giving feedback as effortless as possible for the customers.


A foundation for connected, continuous, and coordinated care


Decision support system for modern publishers and content creators


A DMP, acronym of Data Management Platform, is a platform that turns Big Data defining your target audience into actions that you can plan, deliver and measure in real time.

Smart KYC

SmartKYC is AI-enabled technology to automate third party risk intelligence collection and to identify and contextualize opportunity

Gift Connect

Built latest version of platform and new team from scratch. GiftConnect is connecting top brands with millions of Customers through gifting

Athlete Builder

Built with founding team sports technology platform made for athlete success


Accelerates concept incubation and pre-commercialization due diligence of science-based applications for agriculture and food systems.


Mindy is a blend of an augmented reality outdoor treasure hunt and adventure type mobile game.